Harry is actually hilarious and you will never convince me otherwise

Liam and Louis at the Brits 2013. Louis tries to fix his hair and then Liam goes, “Oh, let me do that,” and pats it down for him. 

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being 100% honest yall have ruined shipping for me lmao

thank you!! i genuinely feel so much better now. i'll be sure to let you know how it goes :) thanks again, lex!!!!

you’re welcome!!

Harry and friends enjoy lunch together at Krog’s Fish restaurant. 6/17 [HQs]

hi bean, i talked to you earlier this week about singing in italian. my audition is tomorrow and i'm way nervous. do you have any tips that might ease my nerves?

good luck, not that you’ll need it cos i’m sure you’ll be GREAT! try to stay in control of your breathing. if you’re not, breathe in for 7 and out for 11. it’ll help calm you down (this is actually a fact). honestly i still get mad nervous for solo performances of anything, but that is 100% always going to happen. i like to do my hair and makeup nice and wear performance clothes that are comfortable but look good, tbh. being confident and knowing i look good makes me feel more confident in performing. i also don’t personally like to run through my piece endlessly before performing. once or twice tops is good for me. any more than that and i start overthinking it. if you can’t stop shaking, bring a fidget toy or something to keep the physical symptoms at bay.

also, a favorite quote of mine is “the terror of performing never goes away. instead, you get very, very comfortable being terrified.” and honestly, it’s true. i think i’ve been playing clarinet for almost 8 or 9(???) years now (something like that idk and singing/acting for even less than that, but even almost a decade of performing hasn’t made me any less nervous. instead, try to channel the nervous energy into your performance. being terrified doesn’t automatically mean being a bad performer. even the biggest acts with years of experience get scared still. they just know how to take that nervous energy and use that “buzz” to create something great.

good luck for tomorrow again! i know you’ll do great :)


look me in the face and tell me this is not the same look






an ancient and terrible curse.

Oglaf makes my fucking life better.

No but it is so so important that you know what happens next:

this is the best

Oglaf is a blessing from the gods.

i LIVE in detroit and the day i leave to go to work kurtis conner is there. life is not funny anymore

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